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Published on Feb 22, 2013

As the American people turn further and further away from God and the Judeo/Christian principals our nation was founded on, the more immoral we become. Unfortunately, so does our government, and we end up with the kind of government we deserve. Today, our entire government has become totally corrupt from the top down. Our elected officials are now hell bent on destroying America and enslaving the American people, which is why they pushing hard to disarm us by any means possible.


Leticia said...

It is heart breaking to see what is happening to our nation and still people refuse to speak up and fight this corrupt and immoral government.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Leticia, the American people have been dumbed down, demoralized and neutered. Some have become spineless, and others have become greedy and lazy, no-longer wanting to work, but wanting the government to supply their every need and every desire.

Sorry to say, like Rush Limbaugh, I am ashamed of my country.

ABNPOPPA said...


Never, never, be ashamed of the greatest country on the face of this earth! It has been and still is the place where all peoples of all nations want to come to.

What to be ashamed of is the way we (excluding you) previous Republicans and now Conservative Tea Party have let the left wing liberals take over, piece by piece, bit by bit. We have allowed ourselves to be out bred but the have nots and out shouted by the squeaky wheel homosexuals, and out organized by the labor unions. It's our own damn FAULT!

We can, We must, and we will take back this country or there will be a revolution that will put the Civil War to shame. It is all ready building up. History, history, history is the key. Control the media, control the military, control the minds. Every dictator in time has used the same plan.

Bitch, gripe and complaint but never be ashamed of The United States of America!

I (we) have not yet begun to fight!!
Captain John Paul Jones

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, I am trying my best to maintain my respect for America. I still love America, but it just seems to be that more and more Americans are going over to the dark side. And, there really isn't a dimes worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans. I keep looking for some real stand-up politicians, but all I am seeing is a bunch of not very funny stand-up comedians.