Thursday, February 14, 2013


NOTE:   Due to the beginning of Wednesday being the beginning of Lent, Tinkerbell and I have decided to suspend her "TINKERBELL'S COMEDY CLUB" until after the Easter Holiday. After Easter, Tinkerbell will return in all her glory to entertain and amuse.

Published on Feb 14, 2013:

According to the Buddhist tradition, February 10, 2012, began the Year of the Snake. In the Judeo/Christian teachings, the snake represents SATAN, the DECEIVER, the ADVERSARY, in other words EVIL, the GREAT SERPENT. We then have to ponder the question, is it just coincidence that what is taking place today in the Roman Catholic Church, is making itself known in the YEAR OF THE SNAKE? With what is reaching a head in the Middle East, and what has just occurred in the Vatican, can this be a sign that we ARE living in the END OF DAYS and that our time is short? You be the judge.

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